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Apr 30, 2015

Options Bootcamp 56: Options Trade Tags Demystified

Basic Training: Today’s guest is Andrew Giovinazzi, of Option Pit, Option Block, and Options Oddities fame.


Mark, Dan and Andrew discuss options trade tags, including:

  • Regular
  • Spread
  • Block Trade
  • Inter-market Sweep
  • Combo
  • Cancel
  • SoldLast
  • Price Variation
  • Buy Write

Apr 30, 2015

Options Playbook Radio 58: Back to Butterflies

In this episode, we’re discussing skip strike, or modified/broken wing butterflies. If you’re playing the home game, you can find this information on page 108 (skip strike butterflies with calls) or page 110 (skip strike butterflies with puts). Additionally, it’s...

Apr 29, 2015

Advisors Option 30: Rise of the Robo Advisor

The Buzz: What is going on in the world of advisors?


  • An overview of the OCC study (with Notre Dame and the University of Mississippi) on performance of options-based strategies versus long equity strategies on the nine stocks widely held in 401k plans.
  • How Robo-Advisors...

Apr 29, 2015

Options Oddities 170: WFM, VALE


Unusual Activity for April 27, 2015:


Calls go up in Whole Foods Market, Inc. (WFM)

Massive puts trade in Vale SA...

Apr 29, 2015

Options Oddities 169: UEC, ALTR, BRKR


Unusual Activity for April 24, 2015:


Call buyer jump in to Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

Calls trade in Altera Corp (ALTR)

Call buyer jump in to Bruker Corp....