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Dec 29, 2017

Trading Block: Review of the last trading day of the year. VIX barely holding on to double digits. Big meh into the end of the year. Silver is on a tear. The highs and lows of Bitcoin. Cboe announces six Bitcoin ETFs. Uncle Mike creates a new product...Fitcoin.

2017 Year-in Review: The good, the bad, and...

Dec 29, 2017

Options news you can use for Friday, December 29, 2017

Dec 28, 2017

Options news you can use for Thursday, December 28, 2017.

Dec 28, 2017

Mark and Brian are back to answer listener questions. In particular:

  • Question from Taj Penaso - Hi, will there be options for bitcoin once the futures are traded?? or just the futures until there are tradeable ETFs available? Thanks.
  • #Options #QOTW - Now it's a party! #Bitcoin futures are live on both @CMEGroup &...

Dec 27, 2017

Options 101: Exploring Expiration Myths & Misconceptions

  • What is expiration?
  • Why do options expire?
  • What do some of these scary terms mean, i.e. triple witching, and quadruple witching?
  • How does expiration impact the Greeks?
  • Myth busting: Is it true that options control the stock market on expiration Friday?
  • Is max...