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Dec 31, 2013

Option Block 302: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Trading Block Predictions for 2014:

  • Mark - I wish they could finally get the Minis right. Hopefully someone wiIl figure out how to aggregate spread flow across exchanges to improve spread execution, less exchanges, less fixation by retail on VIX/ETFs and more migration to futures/futures options. 
  • Andrew - I like a VIX low print prediction.  Where the market is going and the forgotten sectors in 2013 and how they will fair.
  • Alex - Cash settled equity options (that would be pretty sweet). Hope the tax folks don't pass mandatory mark to market. No transaction tax. After hours trading. Five year Leaps. Adjust maker/taker to discourage HFT. An industry standard for delisting zero open interest series. Electronic trading for the options on the big SPU.Predictions: More consolidation - I was wrong about this occurring in 2013.
  • Tosaw - Another big year for SPX. Waiting to see Apple earnings tomorrow before I can give a prediction for 2014. I would like to see more volume in the jumbo SPY. Feeling "straddlish" for 2014.
  • Mark -  I predict more exchanges, something occurs to clip the wings of this rally in 2014, not much appreciable Vol in the marketplace until the next big government debate at end of Q1.

Xpress Block: Twitter was the only big name on the desk. A very important discussion on the 1256 issues.

Mail Block: Tell us what you want to hear.

  • Question from Jason KruseRUSE @Jkruse81- @Options thought about a strategy of maxing out margin to buy a lot, then selling a deepish ITM covered call. Is there a name for that? -@Options or have you guys talked about something like that where I could get a better idea of risks?
  • Comment from Gary Barisi - That much action because they got a $50M insurance claim!?
  • Question from Jack @Itrumpdoom - Option Block Front or Back? I apologize if this question has been covered in the last year and I missed it, in dealing with ratio vertical spreads, will you please explain what makes a front spread front, and a back spread back? Thanks