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Sep 30, 2015

CTO Interview: The guest today is Robert D’Arco, CEO, Rival Systems.

He discusses:

  • An overview of your background in the derivatives markets.
  • What is Rival Systems?
  • Who is the target end-user?
  • The Rival Risk Analytics Suite.

Hot Topics in Tech: What’s happening in the world of fin tech?

  • Technology groups warned on stricter financial regulation - The chairman of HSBC has said that regulators in China and elsewhere are starting to consider more seriously whether technology companies that provide financial services should, like banks, be regulated more heavily.
  • Blockchain initiative called R3 backed by 9 large investment banks - Nine of the largest investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse, are planning to develop common standards for blockchain technology in an effort to broaden its use across financial services.
  • Bloomberg and Twitter sign data licensing agreement - The long-term data agreement with Twitter will further enhance financially relevant information found on the social media platform for users of the Bloomberg Professional service.  

The Inbox: Listener questions and comments

  • Question from TomTom08 - Hello TT crew, love the show. Hope you grin back the Lightning Round soon. I would like you guys to comment on OpenFin ( and how it can extend the capability of HTML5 for FinTec providers.