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Aug 30, 2017


  • Chris Hausman, Portfolio & Chief Technical Strategist, Swan Global Investments.
  • Aash Vyas, Director of Portfolio Strategy and Overlays, Swan Global Investments.
  • Matt Amberson, Principal, Option Research & Technology Services.
  • Carolyn Leonard, Former CBOE Member, Co-Founder - DyMynd

The Buzz: Bringing women and advisors into the options fold - a look at IMCA, Boston Options Exchange & Dymnd's upcoming "All Women Want Options" webinar.

Office Hours/Advisors Option Flash Poll.

With $VIX hitting new lows and $SPX new highs, what is your financial advisor telling you about using #Options?

  • 13% - Write covered calls
  • 35% - Buy protective puts
  • 22% - Do Both - Use Collars
  • 30% - They Won't Touch Options

Listener Questions and Comments:

  • Question from Tancray - Do you think the trend toward passive investing will help or hurt options focused advisors?
  • Question from Nick Sassela - I've read a lot about robo advisors encroaching on the domain of the traditional financial advisor. I would think complicated assets like options wouldn't be well-suited to algorithms and machines. Is it fair to say that options then are the silver bullet to the rise of the robo advisors?