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Dec 30, 2013

Advisors Option: Year in Review

Options 101: A Year in Review

  • Options in Lieu of the Underlying
  • Stock Replacement Strategy
  • Stock Repair Strategy
  • "Wheel of Fun"

Listener Mail: So, what do you want to know?

  • Question from Charles A. - I have heard it said that you should never exercise an option early. Is that accurate? Are there no scenarios when it would be appropriate? What is the point of paying for a right that you never intend to utilize?
  • Question from Mr. Underhill - In your opinion, what is the sweet stop between paying too much time premium for a position versus paying too much time decay for a position?
  • Question from Tom G. - My advisor uses leveraged short SPY ETFs to hedge my portfolio. Your thoughts versus using puts?
  • Question from "Joe Bagadonuts" - Hey Longo! Is that Italian? Cause I got a cousin, Vinny Longo from Bensonhurst. This is Joe Bagadonuts from Boca Raton. I go naked short on puts sitting here in my NY Jet boxers, and I've made a ton of moolah on them GOOG thingies. What you guys think of them mini doo-dads? Are those minis like the little cannoli I get at Publix Market here on SW 18th St? I love those little things! My wife won't let me eat the big Italian Arthur Avenue Dolce anymore, so thank the Lord for the minis!