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Jan 31, 2014

Option Block 310: GOOG After Hours Mania

Trading Block: The “Correction” is over. Earnings Trading Review: GOOG and CME after the bell. FB - ATM straddle went out around $6, traded nearly $3 through that today. F - Announces "best year ever" but closes nearly unchanged on the day. APPL - That $460 put is not looking so outlandish now. 

Odd Block: Puts sales trade in Kellogg Company (K), puts buyers trade in Newell Rubbermaid Inc. (NWL), and puts sellers and buyers trade in, Inc (OSTK)

Xpress Block: A big day at OX, driven by all the earnings events. Perplexed by Google.

Mail Block: Question from C_Dog - What is a scenario where you would consider a ratio vertical spread (1x2, 1x3) going into earnings?

Comment from Go Husky - I only trade options around earnings. Am I crazy?

Around the Block: A quick update on Amazon, Google and Chipotle. Upcoming earnings: DIS 2-5, GM 2-6, LNKD 2-6, CME 2-4, ZNGA 2-6, TWTR 2-5