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Dec 28, 2012

Options Bootcamp 13: Spreads, Part One

Basic Training:    A quick review of spreads.

What are spreads? Why should we use spreads? How do the Greeks work with spreads? How do you calculate, performance, etc? Why do I want to net reduce my delta and exposure in these elements? What are some of the downsides to spreads?

Options Drills: Vertical Spreads

Verticals - What are they? Long verticals vs. Short verticals. Credit spreads vs. debit spreads. You'll experience the maximum profit when the underlying moves to or sits at the short strike of that spread. What are collared spreads?

Mail Call: It’s your turn to pick on the drill instructors.

TWEET FROM PHIL S: What's the deal with options spreads? Why can't my orders get filled? How do we fix this problem?

JOHN’S CUSTOMER QUESTION: How do I know if a spread is worth doing or has some "trade" value?